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Slide008Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you pressure test blocks?
Yes – System has an adjustable centre of gravity and special safety clamps to make rotating of blocks while pressure testing, safe and simple.

Q: Can you pressure test V Heads?
Yes – All angles.

Q: Can you pressure test Cat Heads?
Yes – Maximum length is 1200mm

Q:Do you have to pressure test all heads in a hot condition?
No – Most cracks are easily indentified using cold water and air pressure but the hot water facility is always available.

Q: Are you able to get spares?
Yes – Loose spares are always available.

Q: Should you have an unusual head (very uncommon) how do you pressure test?
We can custom make rubber blanking elements – but over the years we have added most blanking elements that should be required.

Q: Does a qualified man need to operate the machine?
No – the system is very simple and one can be guided, with the supplied workshop manual and the training video.

Q: Who uses this machine?
All big and small automotive rebuilders who need to identify problem heads and eliminate comebacks.

Q: Why do we need to pressure test?
To give a professional service and eliminate comebacks which means a loss of profit.

Q: What if there is a leak in the oil gallery?
Some heads can be repaired – most are then scrapped.

Q: Can the machine be used in a production line environment?
The machine can be modified to suite some production lines.

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