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The importance of “pressure testing” heads cannot be overstated. The profits machine shops make are lost because of comebacks which can so easily be avoided.
With today’s modern Multi-Valve Light weight, high output Aluminium Cylinder Heads with Cast Iron Blocks, it has become essential to have a good quality hot and cold Hydraulic Pressure Tester.
A Machine must be...
able to generate an income,
an asset to the business,
able to perform the job it's designed for.

Different pressure mediums, namely hot / cold water & air. Quick setup time with clear visibility. Correct pressure testing is a vital link in the chain of service. Eliminates “comebacks” ( saves your profit margin ). Able to pressure test a large variety of heads / blocks ( full set of blanking-off elements ). The machine forms part of the assets required for a professional machine shop. You can provide the customer on demand (no need to hide your system) with the kind of service he would expect of a professional machine shop.

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