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The importance of “pressure testing” heads cannot be overstated. The profits machine shops make are lost because of comebacks which can so easily be avoided. It is often too time consuming or the customer does not request it, to pressure test heads & blocks. By having the correct machine one can save approximately 70 % on setup time.

If pressure testing can be accomplished quickly and efficiently one can pressure test the component before work commences and be in a position to give the customer an accurate quote and report.

It can occur that when an aluminium cylinder head is removed from the motor, it stress relieves itself and cracks (this is only apparent if not pressure tested), after guides have been fitted, valves and seats cut and the head is in the process of being skimmed.

It then has to be sent away or welded in-house and the machine process begins from scratch again.Therefore, even if the customer does not request a “pressure test” a professional shop will always cover all the bases to maintain their good reputation in a competitive market.

The pressure testing becomes a vital link in the chain of reconditioning and the correct machine is an asset to that workshop. No more G-clamps and bits of broomstick hammered into the water holes, no, use a system that works and you are proud to show your customers.

From the drawing board stage of development until the finished product, only the highest standards were maintained in order to deliver quality in-hand tooled machinery.

Workmanship of the most skilled, consistently went into producing the best in Automotive Pressure Testing equipment on the market to date.

We here at NEWCLEAR® understand the ever increasing demands on the automotive industry to deliver quality consistently, and therefore give our personal assurance of product reliability.


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