Universal Cylinder Head Pressure Tester

Pressure testing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming, avoided, or costly process. Engine rebuilders can quickly and easily accomplish pressure testing with the Newclear® cylinder head pressure tester. This revolutionary CE-certified and patented pressure testing machine is designed specifically for the global automotive engineering industry.

Newclear® cylinder head pressure tester
Newclear® cylinder head pressure tester

A universal clamping system detects cracks and leaks in a large variety of cylinder heads and engine blocks e.g., a single M/Benz OM407 cylinder head, a Cummins 350 big cam block, or a M/Benz 444 V12 block.Newclear® won the Engineering Design Award from SABS in 1996 thanks to its global design that fits different types of cylinder heads and blocks over the world.

As recommended by law, the Newclear® pressure testing machine has been independently tested and approved by the South African Bureau of Standards.

The cylinder head pressure test kit is capable of testing automotive, marine, and heavy-duty industrial cylinder heads and blocks. The tank is made from stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

A training video and installation guide allow a quick setup time. In addition, the Newclear® pressure tester is easy to operate, and no qualifications are required for pressure testing. The head holder cradle rotates 360 degrees on a vertical axis, which allows quick and efficient leak detection of damaged cylinder heads and blocks. Order the Newclear® cylinder head pressure tester today to save time and increase business profit!

Working Newclear® Pressure Tester

An inline heater system allows hot and cold hydraulic testing and air testing at capabilities up to 800kPa. A complete set of rubber plugs, no plates are required, block all the outlets while pressured air or water is injected into the engine cooling circuit. The water temperature is controlled by an electronic thermostat. Connect an airline, water line, and 380 V electricity supply after assembling the machine to get a fully operational inline hot/cold water, and air pressure tester.

The cylinder head or block is clamped on a cradle that moves vertically by hydraulic power. The cradle can rotate 360 degrees on its axis to easily inspect all angles of the cylinder head.

Operating conditions are simulated to detect fractures, porosity, and cracks. Cylinder heads normally run pressure in the water system at around 100 – 200 kPa. The Newclear® unit can pressure test between 400 and 800 kPa depending on the head. Problems with the component are rapidly detected as air bubbles rise to the service.

The standard unit Newclear® 150 big block kit is a complete machine to pressure test any cylinder head or blog e.g. V12 Mercedes Benz, Cummins, Caterpillar in your workshop. The Newclear® 100 is perfect for machining smaller blocks and small diesel/petrol heads, which is the same basic machine excluding the full block kit. Pressure test small blocks, petrol and diesel heads with a maximum length of 850 mm x 250 mm wide x 300 high. If required, the full big block kit can be added at any time.

The cylinder head pressure test machine is manufactured for continuous use. The machine is easy to operate, quick to set up and minimum maintenance is required. Newclear® has a smaller heated tank for head submission compared to a submergible hydraulic pressure tester.

Benefits Newclear® Pressure Tester

Find all benefits from the award-winning universal design below:

  • Total Visibility: The operator has clear visibility through a transparent pressure plate to easily find the exact leakage point.
  • Accessible Design: The engine rebuilder has full access to the component, which allows efficient pressure testing.
  • Quick Setup: Easy and quick setup time thanks to the universal design, training manual, and video.
  • Hot & Cold Hydraulic Testing: Different pressure mediums are available thanks to an in-line heater system.
  • Universal Clamping System: Hydraulic pressure test a large variety of cylinder heads and blocks on the global market.
  • 360° Rotation: The cylinder head pressure test kit has an adjustable center of gravity allowing cylinder heads and blocks to easily rotate 360 degrees.
  • Adaptable to different configurations: The pressure tester contains a complete kit of rubber plugs to block off water jackets.

To conclude, avoid client comebacks by quoting and reporting accurately, and prevent profit loss thanks to Newclear®!

Specifications Newclear® Pressure Tester 

Newclear® car engine pressure test
Newclear® car engine pressure test

Maximum Cylinder Head/Block Capacity1200 mm x 300 mm
Working Bed Length 1480 mm (58″)
Width/Swing 900 mm (36″) CRS
Weight400 kg
Temperature Range Ambient – 85°C (185°F)
Pressure Range 0 – 800 kPa (120 psi)
Maximum Cylinder Head/Block Weight400 kg
Maximum Cradle Travel360 Degrees
Length2300 mm (90″)
Height 1220 mm (48″)
Heating Elements6 Kw
Electricity Three Phase – 1 x 6 kw or customized to suit

Standard Equipment Newclear®

Standard Equipment (included):

  • 650mm x 250mm pressure plate.
  • 850mm x 250mm pressure plate.
  • Airline with a special nozzle.
  • 8 x 600mm adjustable side clamps with 8 x clamp holders.
  • 1 x galvanized drip tray.
  • Rubber duct board, length of the drip tray.
  • Digital temperature gauge.
  • Universal Newclear® end and side clamping system.
  • Accessory stand -free standing.

Supply Requirements (excluded):

  • Cold water main with an in-line stopcock.
  • Air with an in-line stopcock.
  • 380V three phase 40 amp (6mm cable) with isolator. ( Supplied )
  • Earth leakage on board.

Blanking Off Elements: Complete blanking off rubber kit comprising assorted sizes, complete with inlet/outlet manifold elements.

Recommended Additional Equipment For “Newclear® 150” Big Block Kit:

  • 1200mm x 300mm pressure plate.
  • 2 x 850mm (V- block pressure plates).
  • 8 x long side clamps.
  • 8 x extended clamp holders.
  • Special block carriers and safety clamps.

Cylinder Head Pressure Tester Cost

When choosing a cylinder head pressure tester, the engine rebuilder should consider the below points before making a purchase:

  • The pressure tester must be able to generate an income,
  • The pressure tester must be an asset to the business,
  • The pressure tester must be able to perform the job as designed.

Below are estimated cylinder head pressure test cost prices:

  • 4 Cylinder Heads: R60
  • 6 Cylinder Heads: R80
  • 6 Diesel Heads: R110
  • 4 Cylinder Heads: R90
  • 6 Cylinder Heads: R120

Pressure Testing Manually = R400 per week.

Cylinder head pressure test cost example 1:

  • 4 x 4 Cylinder heads: R60
  • 2 x 6 Cylinder Heads: R160
  • 1 x 4 Cylinder Block: R90

This results in R490 per day, R2450 per week, and R9800 per month.

Cylinder head pressure test cost example 1:

  • 2 x 4 Cylinder Heads:R120
  • 1 x 6 Cylinder Heads: R80

This results in R200 per day, R1000 per week, and R4000 per month.

Order the Newclear® cylinder head pressure tester here!

FAQ Cylinder Head Pressure Tester

What is a cylinder head?
A cylinder head covers its cylinders and can be found on top of the engine block, it forms the roof of the combustion chamber. The head controls airflow in and out of the cylinders and fuel deployment.

Who uses a cylinder head pressure tester?
Big and small automotive engine rebuilders use a cylinder head pressure tester to easily identify problem heads and engine blocks.

Can you pressure test blocks?
Yes, the Newclear® testing system has an adjustable center of gravity and special safety clamps to rotate blocks, while performing a safe and simple pressure test.

Can you pressure test V Heads?
Yes, all V Heads angles can be tested with the universal Newclear® pressure tester.

Can you pressure test Cat Heads?
Yes, the maximum length for testing cat heads with the Newclear® pressure testing machine is 1200mm.

Do you have to pressure test all heads in a hot condition?
No, most cracks are easily identified using cold water and air pressure. A hot water facility is available as well if necessary for pressure testing.

Can I order Newclear® pressure tester spares?
Yes, loose spares for the cylinder head pressure tester are always available and can be ordered by email or phone.

How do you pressure test uncommon heads?
Newclear® makes custom rubber blanking elements. Most blanking elements are added to the assortment over the years.

Do you need a qualification to operate the Newclear® cylinder head pressure testing machine?
No, the engine pressure tester is very simple to operate and doesn’t require any qualifications. Simply use the workshop manual and training video to set up and operate the cylinder head pressure tester.

Why do we need to pressure test?
Engine rebuilders use a pressure test to detect cracks and leaks in cylinder heads and blocks. This guarantees a professional service and eliminates client comebacks which means a loss of profit.

What if there is a leak in the oil gallery?
Some heads can be repaired – most are then scrapped.

Can the Newclear® pressure testing machine be used in a production line environment?
Yes, the cylinder head pressure tester can be modified to suit some production lines.