Hot Water, Cold Water and Air Test.
Separate ball valves which feed hot or cold water immediately. Water flows through an in-line heater element. The advantage is that you have almost immediate hot water flow ONLY when necessary to heat up a cylinder head. Minimum water and electricity is used. Cold water cools head.
Large container of water which needs to be constantly heated up to maintain temperature.
Head cannot be cooled down upon completion of test, danger to operater
Transparent Plate in Frame gives clear visibility to pinpoint exactly where head may be leaking e.g. crack down a belt hole, cracked in the oil gallery, cracked underneath a seat, porosity leaking or cracked from a jacket to a seat.Water gets dirty fairly quickly. Bubbles appear and one is not sure if a rubber stopper is leaking or a crack - you cannot pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The rubber gasket / steel plate tends to cover areas which may be cracked e.g. jacket to valve seat.
Rubber blanking off elements - full set provided which will suit most heads used internationally.Rubber gasket steel plate - each head needs it's own plate - expensive and time consuming locating the correct plate to suit each head.
Rubber blanking element kit provides manifold blanking rubber to allow inlet and outlet flow of water / air through water ports on top of cylinder head.Special inlet ports on the side of the heads need to be made to suite different heads.
Heads and blocks can be rotated 360 degrees.Submergible - cannot handle large blocks.
V10 Mercedes Benz blocks can be pressure tested and rotated.Cannot accommodate.
Cat 3406 heads can be pressure tested.Cannot accommodate.
Simple system to accommodate any type of head e.g. V8, Citroen, Peugeot diesel etc. Quick and easy to setup. Position of setup is easily accessible by hand or overhead, block & tackle in the case of large blocks or Cat heads.-
Heads can be dirty - grind welded section slightly - and can still be pressure tested without affecting the efficiency of the machine.Only hot water test.Submergible type - heads all need to be totally cleaned before submerging.